4x4 Evolution 2

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4x4 Evolution 2

9,999,999 dollars:

in 4x4 evo 2 change the
\"cash=(some random letters and #\'s)\"
omit the brackets

Get Money:
Submitted by: nightraider

Start a race, then type "goldfinger". A horn will sound.
Next, type "givememoneyordie" to receive one million

Cheat Method:
First, you must own a vehicle in Career mode. Sell it
and exit the game. Then, open the "metal.ini" file in
the System folder of the game directory (default is
C:\Program Files\Terminal Reality\4x4 Evo2\system).
You can use Notepad to open the file. Scroll to the
bottom of the text and within the final 20 lines or so,
you will see the lines "careerTruckCount=0" and
"curTruckType=0". Change the "0" to a "1" in each line
and save the file. Now restart the game and go to the
Garage in Career mode. You will have the vehicle back
AND the money you sold it for before! Do this whole
process as often as you want and watch the cash add up!

Easy color change:
Use the following trick to change your truck's color without
selling and buying it again. Enter multi-player menu and start
a LAN game, with your PC as the host. At the multi-player game
setup screen, go to the menu bar at the top of the screen and
select the player profile that contains the vehicle to have the
new color. Select that vehicle and a color select menu will appear.
Select the desired color and exit multi-player mode. When you start
career mode again, the color you selected will be on the vehicle.

$1 million:
Type goldfinger during game play. A sound will confirm this portion of the
Then, type givememoneyordie. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Exit
race and you will have $1 million. Repeating the code will set your current
to $1 million -- you cannot get more than that amount.

Extra money:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of
the file before
proceeding. Sell a truck in career mode, then quit the game. Use a text
editor to edit the
"metal.ini" file in the "\4x4 evo2\system" folder. Locate the following
lines at the bottom of the file.

Change the "0" to a "1" on both lines, then save the file. Restart the game
and you will still have
your truck plus the money that you previously sold it for. Repeat this as
needed for more money.

Change team association:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of
the file before proceeding.
Sell a truck in career mode, then quit the game. Use a text editor to edit
the "metal.ini" file in the
"\4x4 evo2\system" folder. Locate the ''Team='' line and replace that entry
with any team name of your
choice to access their trucks.

Arctic Wasteland: Treasure chest:
From the start, head north until you almost reach water. Then, head east.
Follow the water for a short
distance until it ends, then head north. Go north until you see the American
flag and a building inside a
fenced in area. The treasure chest is in there.

Arizona: Treasure chest:
At the start of the level in roaming or racing mode, go in reverse until you
pass the train tracks. Then,
go to the right until you see a derailed train. Stop at the front of the
train then go right until you reach a
canyon with a piece of road and two hills in the middle. In between the two
hills are two small houses.
The treasure chest is located in between the houses.

Autumn Leaves: Treasure chest:
At the start of the level, follow the road until you get to a church. Behind
it is a treasure chest.

Castle Rock: Treasure chest:
Go back about 100 feet from where you start. There should be a skeleton
guarding a treasure chest.

Costa Rica Rally: Treasure chest:
From the start, head east until you reach a temple. That is where you can
find a treasure chest. If you
cannot find the temple, go to the contour map and look for a small light
gray area.

Crazy 2001: Treasure chest
Go to the southwest corner of the lake near the start to find a treasure
chest with money.

Egypt: Treasure chest:
Go through the first check point and drive northwest until you find the
lake. There is a hill on
the northwest shore. The chest is on top.

Farm Road 109: Shortcut:
When trying to use the shortcut across the railroad tracks, use the Jeep
Liberty Sport. It can
almost always get across before the train crosses if you approach from the
right side of the tracks.

Farm Road 109: Treasure chest:
The treasure chest is located at the center of the lake.

Laguna del Sol: Treasure chest:
After Checkpoint 3, drive onto the large island straight ahead of the
checkpoint to find a treasure

Pikes Peak: Treasure chest:
Go to the lake that is the furthest from the end of the track. The treasure
chest can be found on the
land between the lakes.

Restricted Area: Treasure chest:
Find the hanger with the UFO inside then go to one of the corners to find a
treasure chest with

Thailand Rally: Treasure chest:
Pause game play and go to the contour map. Go to the bottom right corner of
the map and press
R until the map stops. Just to the left of the island is a brown spot. That
is the Temple Of The Dancing
Buddha, which is where a treasure chest is located.

Treasure Bay: Treasure chest:
From the start, follow the road until you see a ship on the beach. Go to the
side of the ship where the
sign is on the beach. The treasure chest is on that side of the ship. Note:
You can only get the treasure
chest by driving your truck alongside the ship. Start towards the back of
the ship, facing towards the front.
Drive slow to get the treasure chest.

Tri Baja 250: Treasure Chest:
From the start, follow the track in the same direction as if you were racing
until you reach the bridge you
drive on. The treasure chest is underneath that bridge.

Unlock All Missions:
Submitted by: Jonathan

Start a race and type in GOLDFINGERMISSIONIMPOSSIBLE then a horn 
will sound and it will give you all the missions and you can do 
over and over. peace out.

Crazy 2000: Hidden money:
In the last turn before finish line run, go straight into water. A box of money 
containing $1495 is under water by the back edge of the pond. 

Final Destination: Hidden money:
Go through checkpoint 1 and go left around the airplane. Drive straight until 
you see a pack of airplanes. The money chest is next to the far-left. It 
contains about $1,345.

50 Cent - Bulletproof

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50 Cent - Bulletproof


During Game Play Go to Menue Options then Cheats and 
enter one of the following codes:

Cheat code                 Result
ny'sfinestyo             - Unlimited Health
the hub is broken        - More powerful guns
yayoshome                - Tony Yayo So Seductive Video
workout                  - Empty n' Clips counter Kill
sayhellotomylittlefriend - Unlock the My Buddy video
gotthemrachets           - Unlock all weapons
gunrunner                - Unlock the blood hound counter kill
orangejuice              - Action 26 unlocked
graballthat50            - All songs unlocked
50bpexclusives           - I'm A Rider, Maybe We Crazy songs unlocked
HookMeUp50               - All Music Videos
GrizzSpecial             - Infinite Ammo
TimeToSmokeEm            - Double Damage
GoodDieYoung             - "G'd Up" Counter-Kill
TimetoThrowDown          - "Mountain Climber" Counter-Kill
AintGotNothin            - "Wanksta" Counter-Kill
GettingDropped           - "Guillotine" Counter-Kill
HardcoreG$hit            - "Southside" Counter-Kill

5 Differences

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5 Differences

Level 1:
Mans leg, trees shadow, bottom-left sidewalk, birds in the tree, branch 
near the center of the tree. 

Level 2:
Mans sandal, paintbuckets on left side, paintbuckets on right side, 
background buildings on right, girls head. 

Level 3:
Robots sunglasses, robots claw, 'the grass' on the sign, the sun behind 
the cloud, background trees on right. 

Level 4:
'Never cry' in public, trash 'cans' not bins, 'not' paranoia, 'diners' not 
dinners, dot in between park and area, capital 'NO' killing, 'keep in contact 
with old friends'. 

Level 5:
Bridge shadow, missing bottom right plant, missing grey blob - bottom center, 
weeds growing at base of bridge, missing blob in bottom left, missing blob in 
upper center.

Level 6:
Upper left tree different color, different upper right tree shape, more space 
between two trees in upper center, different sign (just click the sign), mans 

Level 7:
Bottom of heart blood drip, different graffiti under number counter, missing 
'gunk' on the bottom of the upper left pole, different upper right buildings, 
different buildings in building reflection. 

Level 8:
different length of thing from tree, missing string coming out of tree base, 
different upper center cloud, different bench shadow, different upper left 
building spire.

688 Hunter-Killer

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688 Hunter-Killer

If you open the player.db file a hex editor, you can edit your
points. Go down to offset 2544, then enter the value 286B. This
will give you about 27,400 points to start your captain with.
It should give you all of the possible sub improvements and leave
about 7000pts. to put into your crew.

This can be done before you begin your first mission. All you have
to do is create a captain, and then exit the game without choosing
a mission.

You can use the cheat again after your first mission to get 
another 27,400 pts. but you will only be able to use about 5000 
to max out your sub and crew.

6 Differences

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6 Differences

Level 1: 
The difference counter is in the stars. Differences: McDonalds Sign, The Moon, 
Lights on Building to right of McDonalds Sign, Man's Shirt, Spots on Tree, 
Black Building Near Tree. 

Level 2: 
The difference counter is bright red on one of the buildings. Differences: 
Rightmost Tall Building, Stripe Missing on Lower-Right Road, Large Building 
second from right, street light on the near left part of the left road. 
Click around below the difference counter, blue light, use hint for last one, 
it's hard. 

Level 3:
The difference counter is the 3 digits.Differences:number 4, color of the 
building on the left, the birds on top of the billboard, the O in wonder, the 
railing on the billboard, and the letter E in event. 

Level 4:
The difference counter is on the top right.Differences:the "i" in walk, the color 
green is suppose to be red, the letter O in dont, the circle under the dont walk, 
circle light on the left bottom, and on top of the pole. 

Level 5:
The difference counter is on the top sign.Differences:the N on the top sign is 
suppose to be S, AVE. on the next sign is suppose to be PRTL, One Way sign, the 
shadow on the One Way Sign ,ME on the Stop sign, and the circle light bottom 

Level 6:
The difference counter yellow sign.Difference: the sign below the counter, the 
handicap sign, the sign on the left, the box below that is a different color, 
the paint above the letter C, and the line on the sidewalk.

7 Days A Skeptic

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7 Days A Skeptic

Alternate ending sequence:
Set the system date to May 24th to see a 
scene featuring John counseling the welder.

7 Sins

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7 Sins


This will affect a critical system file for the game. 
Make a back-up copy of the file before you edit the h
eck out of it. 

Locate the /Program Files/Singles2/Config/ directory and 
find the Game.* file. Edit that file using a text editor, 
such as Notepad. Locate the following code and make the 
following changes to your file: 

# min window size 
minWindowSize = 320 200 
# min/max window aspect ratio 
minWindowAspectRatio = 0.56 
maxWindowAspectRatio = 3.59 
# pixelate (instead of black bars) 
pixelate = true

7 Wonder II

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7 Wonder II

Tips and Tricks:

When you choose to use the time freeze bonus or what ever it's called, 
you have to keep using it once it's full and not near the end of the 
level. This will gave you a whole lot more time to complete a level.


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Cheat Codes:

While playing:

Key     Result
0     - restore energy
F6    - Add COOL%
M     - Can move freely, press again to restore
+     - Skip level
5     - Replay and change level of difficulty
F4    - Reduce energy to minimum
F10   - Change time to 10 seconds
0     - full energy
+     - next level
5     - Replay and change level
F4    - less energy
F10   - change time to 10 seconds
1     - pause
END   - pause
A a K - select level

Pause the game (use 1 or END) and press A-K to 
select a level.

7th Guest, The

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7th Guest, The

At the main menu type "zaphod beeblebrox"
to open all of the rooms. You must put a
space between the two words.